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Features & Benefits

  • Easily Cuts to Any Size
  • Withstands Temperatures From -30°f  to 365°f 
  • Just Peel & Stick on Any Hard Surface
  • Waterproof & Weather Resistant 
  • Save Money on Costly Repairs 
  • Easy to Use – No Tools Required
  • For Almost Any Repair!

Easy As 1,2,3 - Just Peel, Patch, Sand & Paint!

Peel and place over the hole you want to seal...

Let dry...then sand, grind or drill...

Paint to match the surrounding area for a fast and easy repair!

Super Pliable - Bonds Over Curves & Around Corners!

Sticks to Any Hard Surface!

Autos, Boats, Exhausts, Fencing, Roofs, Siding, Doors, Pool Liners, Plumbing & SO MUCH MORE!!!

Super Strong!

Dries Rock Hard for a Permanent Bond

Peel-n-Patch is tough enough to support the weight of our spokesman Beau Rials.
"We've been using peel and patch for 4 years now. Having a patching solution that is easily applied is a great plus." Greg - Professional Contractor
"I had a muffler go out and they quoted me an outrageous price. I used Peel-n-Patch instead. It saved me hundreds of dollars." Kelvin - Muffler Repair

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