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The water line behind my washing machine was leaking and all the hardware stores were closed. I got out the Peel-n-Patch and wrapped it around the wipe and it completely solved all my problems in a matter of minutes.
My kids were sledding and one of the handles broke. I remembered I had the Peel-n-Patch in my glove box. I applied it in the same place where the handle was and within minutes the kids were sledding down the hill again. Peel-n-Patch is no fuss no muss.
My drivers use it out in the field where they can apply the Peel-n-Patch while they are out on a delivery. What I like about Peel-n-Patch is that you can trim it down to different sizes and by putting it back in the package it will last a long time. I give it a thumbs up!
The Peel-n-Patch is a permanent fix. Once you put it on you’ll never be able to get it off. I didn’t need any tools and it wasn’t messy.
I had the muffler go out on my SUV. The dealership quoted me an outrageous price so I used Peel-n-Patch instead and it saved me hundreds of dollars.